Books We Recommend

Our local library runs a great story time, and these books have been featured. Great stories to enjoy with your little one tonight. You can purchase at your local book store, but don’t forget your library! You can check these books out for free. Should they be a big hit, then you might want to invest in purchasing. (I know until I had my daughter, I didn’t think of borrowing books from the library. I would have saved a lot of money!)

Llama Llama Misses Mama
by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama is just starting school. The classroom is new and exciting, but then Mama has to leave. Llama Llama becomes shy and doesn’t want to join in the fun. With some help from his teacher and his new classmates, he learns he can love both his mama and school, too. Ages 3–5. $16.99;

Finn Throws a Fit!
by David Elliott
illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering

Get ready for the earth to shake, because today Finn doesn’t like peaches. He doesn’t like anything. Lively illustrations show the chaos in the household when Finn launches into a full-scale tantrum. Anyone with a child who has ever had a thunderous fit can relate to Finn when reading this book. Ages 2–4. $16.99;

Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair
by Lee Foxillustrated by Jennifer Plecas
Ella Kazoo and her mom battle daily over the hairbrush. Over time, her hair begins collecting debris from around the house. Young readers will laugh when they find socks, dollar bills, eating utensils, and many other objects stuck in Ella’s hair. When the unruly locks take on a life of their own, Ella and her mom reach an agreement about how to handle the problem. Ages 3–6. $15.99;

Back to Bed, Ed!
by Sebastien Braun

Getting ready for bed is fun, but actually going to bed is another matter in this book. Ed is a young mouse who likes to play silly games with Dad, take a bath, and cuddle with Mom during story time. But Ed doesn’t like staying in bed. Kids will be curious to see what happens when Mom and Dad have one plan for bedtime, but Ed mousterminds his own. Ages 2 –6. $15.95;

Milo Armadillo
by Jan Fearnley
Young Tallulah wants a fluffy pink rabbit for her birthday, but there are none to be found. When her grandma decides to knit one for her, the knitting gets out of control and results in a multi-colored armadillo named Milo. Milo is a good friend, but Tallulah still wishes she had a rabbit—until Milo leaves. Collage-style artwork brings Tallulah and Milo to life in this sweet story about friendship. Ages 2 and up. $15.99;


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