Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Kids’ Clothes Easily With thredUP

Back when my kids were outgrowing their outfits every three months, it pained me to have to restock their wardrobe continually. It wasn’t just the cost, it was the time it took to select each item. That’s why I’m intrigued by the new easier-swap site thredUP kids.

In just a few minutes, you can pick out a box of gently-worn clothing that will fit your child, pay a few bucks to have the box shipped to you, and voila: Right-sized outfits that my kids can outgrow again.

Then, in about the time of a typical nap, you put outgrown clothing into a free USPS box, write a general description of the box’s content on the thredUP kids site and wait for someone to request the box from you which thredUP kids completely arranges. Oh, and you don’t pay a thing to mail something out. Bonus!

If the idea of swapping clothes with strangers gives you the willies (although you know, the washing machine does take care of that for most people), you can create an “inner circle” of friends and family and keep your swaps within that group. And, if you are super-picky about the clothes your kids’ wear, thredUP kids has a “Pro” membership that will provide more detailed views of the clothing in a box, as well as a few other personalized features that are still being developed.

Of course, if your babes can only wear organic cotton onesies hand-knit on a Peruvian loom, then you probably know that a swap site isn’t going to work for you. But for the rest of us? thredUP kids makes it pretty easy to reduce, reuse and recycle kids’ clothes, and restock your kids’ wardrobe for a little more than the cost of a single outfit.

Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for alerting us to this great site!

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