Find the Best Interactive Toys for Toddlers

Interactive toys can be great learning tools. But there are so many on the market, it’s often hard to decide which toy is best. Check out the top picks by Parents that will encourage your child to learn, move, and just have fun!

LeapFrog Alphabet Pal
Let her laugh while she learns. This silly animated caterpillar walks, flashes colorful lights, and giggles while singing the ABCs and teaching your child about letters and colors. Connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas for other fun activities.  LeapFrog; Ages 1 and up; $19.99;

LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Learning System
Get them moving. This learning system will motivate your kids to get active — they’ll dance, jump, stomp, swing, bop, and march, all while expanding their minds. Try all eight built-in games featuring Mickey Mouse, Tigger, Pooh, and more. LeapFrog; Ages 3 and up; $79.99;

Fisher-Price Splatster
Paint all day — mess-free! This interactive plug-and-play system includes a base and a wireless paintbrush. Kids can choose from a variety of activities, including painting in one of eight themed worlds (each with unique brushes, stampers, and effects) and creating colorful spin art. Then print your digital art to brighten up the refrigerator door! Fisher-Price; Ages 3 to 8 years; $54.99;

Fisher-Price Smart Fit Park
Boost his energy and his brain. This plug-and-play learning mat will encourage your little one to walk, run, jump, and stomp through 18 different learning games and races. Let him customize his on-screen character and control its actions through the mat. He’ll be having so much fun, he won’t even notice that this game is focused on learning letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Fisher-Price; Ages 3 to 6 years; $39.99;

Step2 Sing & Learn Monkey
Sing along with this cuddly monkey. Perfect for young learners, this colorful monkey sings the ABCs as well as nursery and number songs. Your child will be singing along in no time! The Step2 Company; Ages 6 months and up; $14.99;

Infantino Under the Big Top
Step right up to learning fun. There’s nothing more fun than a carnival! This mini version will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. Fun noises and effects from the popcorn popper, teeter-totter, cannon, and more will motivate her to explore. Infantino; Ages 1 and up; $24.99;

Fisher-Price Learning DJ
Make music a learning tool. Boombot the DJ moves and dances with your child while helping him learn his numbers, letters, shapes, and colors through songs and games. The DJ is portable and the microphone is attached so your little one can take his show on the road! Fisher-Price; Ages 2 and up; $31.49;

Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Smart Sports
Stay active indoors. Does your child miss playing baseball, tennis, and golf when the weather is poor? With this learning system, she can stay active with her favorite sports all year long. There are three games for each sport, all of which focus on learning numbers, letters, colors, shapes, matching, math, and more. Fisher-Price; Ages 3 and up; $64.99;

Chicco Talking Vacation Car
Improve language skills–in both English and Spanish. This bilingual talking convertible car helps children develop imagination and creativity through stories and riddles. Your child will work through three levels as her skills improve. Let her follow along with the stories in the included picture book shaped like a suitcase. Chicco; Ages 18 months and up; $34.99;

Fisher-Price My Toon TV
Dance with your personalized cartoon! Just take a picture with the built-in camera and select one of 11 funny cartoon characters to create your own personalized cartoon creation. Then laugh and sing along as your character dances with you on-screen. My Toon TV includes five songs, but use the auxiliary plug-in to play additional songs from any device. Fisher-Price; Ages 3 and up; $69.99;

Chicco Billy Fun Wheels
Let him drive like Mom or Dad. Hold on tight — this remote control car is powered by an intuitive steering wheel that will make your child feel like he’s really driving. Just turn the wheel right and left to drive Billy Fun Wheels around the house or on the sidewalks. With a real horn and lights, this little truck will be a huge hit. Chicco; Ages 2 and up; $34.99;

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Extreme
Combine exercise, learning, and fun. The Smart Cycle Extreme is one of the hottest new video games on the market. Just plug the stationary bike into your TV and choose one of three ways to play: Driving, Learning Arcade Games, or The Big Race. Once you’ve maxed out the included software program (Learning Adventure Extreme), you can get moving again with six other titles including Hot Wheels, SpongeBob, and Toy Story. Fisher-Price; Ages 3 to 6 years; $99.99;



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    • Thank you! It was so nice to see your comment. I’m trying hard to share great information with moms/parents so that we can all raise smart, healthy, creative kids.

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