Play With Your Food

Pineapple beehiveBusy Beehive
Your favorite little honeybee will love helping prepare this pineapple hive.
To Make:

1. Stack pineapple rings, trimming rings so layers get smaller.2. Partially cut two kumquats lengthwise; remove any seeds, close, and turn over. Make a slit on each side. Cut four small pieces from another kumquat. Push them into slits for wings. 3. Attach half a blueberry to front with cream cheese.

chicken nugget dinosaurs


As if kids don’t already love chicken nuggets, some companies now make them in the shape of dinosaurs. Tell your child that many dinos ate veggies, then create this jungle scene so he’ll chomp on his greens, too.

To Make:

1. Bake the chicken nuggets, following the directions on the package.
2. Steam the broccoli until softened. Shred or pick up a ready-made bag of green cabbage.
3. Set the stage by dabbing the bottom of the nuggets and broccoli with honey mustard and standing them up on a plate. Sprinkle on cabbage to look like grass.

Olive penguins

March of the Penguins

Olives contain healthy fats and antioxidants. Turn them into Arctic animals, and they’ll parade into your kid’s mouth.

To Make:

1. Create the penguin’s body and feet by slicing a V into the tip of a large pitted black olive and filling with low-fat cream cheese. Cut a V from a thin carrot “coin,” saving the V for the penguin’s beak. Add a dab of cream cheese to the carrot coin and stand the olive on top of it.
2. For the head, beak, and eyes, insert the carrot V into the opening of a smaller olive. Poke two tiny holes in the olive with a toothpick and fill with cream cheese. Set smaller olive atop larger olive as shown, using additional cream cheese if necessary to adhere.
3. For wings, cut two olive slices and secure with cream cheese to the sides of the large olive. Place penguins on a Parmesan-dusted tray.

Turkey sandwich

Talkin’ Turkey

Your kids will gobble up this creative spin on ho-hum turkey sandwiches.

To Make:

1. Use a 2-3/4-inch-wide glass or cookie cutter to cut circles out of four pieces of whole wheat bread. (Save the trimmings.) Make two small sandwiches with roast turkey and cheese or cranberry sauce. Stack them on top of each other on a plate.
2. Insert 2-1/2-inch strips of colorful sweet peppers under the turkey sandwich so they stick out like feathers.
3. Cut a small rectangular piece from the leftover bread for the turkey’s face and attach with mayo. For eyes, cut out small circles of cheese using a straw and place chopped raisins on top, attaching all with mayo. Slice cheese for the beak and red pepper for the gobbler, and attach with mayo.

Marshmallow snowmen

Build a Snowman

No matter the season, your kids will have a blast whipping up this jolly snack. Let them chill with a snowman and a glass of milk.

To Make:

1. Start with the stick figure: Snip off the pointy ends from wooden skewers. On each, thread one large marshmallow (for body) and half of another marshmallow (for head).
2. Design a face: Use a dab of white tube frosting to attach sprinkles for the nose, eyes, and buttons, and a dark-chocolate candy melt or mini peanut butter cup for the hat.
3. Keep ’em warm: Tie on a red licorice lace for a scarf.

To see all the great and creative ways to play with your food, visit or click HERE


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