Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

The sunny weather is shining upon us…the perfect time to be outside coloring the driveway and sidewalk with chalk. Have fun making your own. Part science project, part fun! Be creative with your molds and see what you come up with. Don’t forget to share with us.

Instructions/photos taken from one of our favorite blogs How Does She?

As a gift for my daughters I gave them:

Plaster of Paris
Wax paper
and some food coloring

I found the Plaster of Paris from Lowe’s after searching all of the craft stores.  It was around $7

Kind of a weird present huh?

I also gave them the cute cookie cutters, but that didn’t work so don’t worry about that part!

Mix a little of this and that!  Water with Plaster of Paris.  Creating a thick goo like the consistency of Peanut Butter.

How to make sidewalk chalk

Mix and add food coloring.  I’ve heard tempera paint powder works too, but I couldn’t find any for the life of me!  I used what I had!

How to make sidewalk chalk

How to make sidewalk chalk

Let them dry for a few hours and then pop them out!   We tried to get a little artsy and add green and darker blue to the chalk.

A dream come true with the magic potion…


How to make sidewalk chalk

so perfect

so little

so cute



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