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32 (!) Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Over time, I’ve collected (or experimented with) a ton of ice pops, and other frozen treat recipes and ideas. Here are 32 of them. Some freeze harder than others, some are super-sweet, while others are lighter. You really have to mess around in your own kitchen, and there are plenty of ideas here to keep you chilled out for a while.

Also, because I don’t want to write “organic” nine million times in a row, note that I do make almost all of these with organic ingredients, and you should, too (if you can afford it). Read up on the best foods to buy organic – even if you’re not all organic, try to buy organic items that are on the super-high-pesticide-level lists, like apple juice. And if you find another popsicle recipe on the Web that sounds good, you can always sub in organic ingredients.

Now, make sure you have some decent popsicle molds, grab the kids, and freeze up some fun in your kitchen.

32 Great Homemade Popsicle Recipes

apricots1. Apricot : Mix 2 cups apricot juice with 1/2 cup soy milk (or skim) and freeze.

2. A tablespoon of organic raspberry jam mixed with water or milk. This is nice for that last bit of jam in the jar.

3. Pineapple and carrot juice

4. Plain old carrot juice

5. Smashed strawberries

6. Homemade lemonade

7. “Glitter” pops. These take some time. Sprinkle colored sugar into your mold. Fill the mold half with water. Freeze. Sprinkle in more colored sugar. Add more water. Freeze. I can’t figure out how to simply mix in the sugar because it’ll melt, and/or sink to the bottom. These pops look a lot more glittery if you make them with yogurt – the sugar doesn’t dissolve much.

limes8. Homemade limeade

9. Sparkling Organic Pear

10. Maraschino-lemonade pops

11. Applesauce: sometimes thick applesauce needs to be mixed with a little water or it freezes oddly.

12Fudge pops

13. Tangerine juice – tangerine lime is also really good.

14. Red beans and coconut

15. Blend raspberries (about 6 oz), 1 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 3/4 cup water, and mint (either a handful of fresh mint leaves, or 2 tsp mint syrup) – blend really well and freeze.

16. Green tea root beer

17. Chocolate and vanilla layered pudding – or make it easy on yourself and simply add both flavors to your mold and swirl them with a thin knife.

18. Honeydew lime

blueberries19. Fresh pureed peaches, a tablespoon of honey, and whole small wild blueberries. Mix and freeze.

20. Brew strong green tea, mix in honey, freeze.

21Strawberry cinnamon

22. Salad pops: Blend half a cantaloupe and a couple cherry tomatoes to sort of still chunky. Add 1/4 cup of chopped mint, basil, or lemon balm (not all three, choose one). Add a cup or two of plain organic yogurt. Freeze.

23. Mashed bananas, a dash of milk, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce – mix smooth and freeze.

24. Mango Kulfi

25. Pureed watermelon mixed with white grape juice

26. Sweet potato pops – cook, mash, mix smooth (adding some soy milk to thin it), sprinkle in a little nutmeg, freeze. These are really good.

27. Banana and pomegranate

28. Chamomile sun tea pops – just like they sound. Make sun tea and freeze. I love lemon sun tea pops, too.

29. Chocolate chip mint popsicles

30. PLAIN WATER – plain water is way fun to freeze. Every kid I know likes plain ice pops, and we need lots of water to stay healthy. Also, if you’re having a summer picnic, you can make plain water pops with beautiful tinyedible flowers, flower petals, small whole berries, or whole herb leaves in them. Stick them in a bucket of cubed ice to serve and everyone will think you’re some sort of Martha Stewart genius. People will fawn over you for freezing water. No kidding.

31. Fruit and yogurt pops

lavender_and_honey_tea32. Herbal pops: You can actually make these with medicinal qualities, which is the perfect way to get your little one to take herbs. (Kids don’t always love tea.)

You can use lavender, thyme, basil, and more – really any herb. You’d be surprised at some of the tasty ice pops herbs make. If you’re nervous, first try making herbal ice cubes (less waste). And samples can save you from things like rosemary blueberry pops. (Hey, they sounded good at the time.)

To make a basic herbal mix you can make strong herbal teas, or boil herbs down for a good long while on your stove and use the liquid, or try the sugar method.

For the sugar method, pound herbs down with a mortar and pestle (or food processor). Add an ounce of superfine sugar, and pound to make a paste. Next, boil a liter of water with about two ounces of superfine sugar for five minutes. Add the juice of two lemons or not – this step depends on what you’re trying to create. You can add orange juice, lime, etc. You could even just add more water or some saved tea. Combine the herb mixture and the water mixture. Stir well with a whisk. Cool down before filling your molds.

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FREE Printable “Congratulations”Banner

The lovely Kim of TomKat Studios is celebrating reaching 6,000 Facebook Fans (WOW!!!). To celebrate with her great fans, she has posted a free printable Celebrate banner. Banners are so cute and are the “big thing” in party planning right now.

Don’t waste any time printing yours:

Thanks again, Kim!

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Raise A Summer Reader

ByKidsHealth – taken from

When the lazy days of summer arrive and the schedule is packed with swimming, camp, and family vacations, it can be a challenge to find time for learning.

But kids’ reading skills don’t have to grow cold once school’s out. Here are some ways to make reading a natural part of their summer fun:

Explore your library. Visit your local library to check out books and magazines that your kids haven’t seen before. Many libraries have summer reading programs, book clubs, and reading contests for even the youngest borrowers. With a new library card, a child will feel extra grown-up checking out books.

Read on the road. Going on a long car trip? Make sure the back seat is stocked with favorite reads. When you’re not at the wheel, read the books aloud. Get some audiobooks (many libraries have large selections) and listen to them together during drive time.

Make your own books. Pick one of your family’s favorite parts of summer — whether it’s baseball, ice cream, or the pool — and have your child draw pictures of it or cut out pictures from magazines and catalogs. Paste the pictures onto paper to make a booklet and write text for it. When you’re done, read the book together. Reread it whenever you need to fend off the cold-weather blahs!

Keep in touch. Kids don’t have to go away to write about summer vacation. Even if your family stays home, they can send postcards to tell friends and relatives about their adventures. Ask a relative to be your child’s pen pal and encourage them to write each week.

Keep up the reading rituals. Even if everything else changes during the summer, keep up the reading routines around your house. Read with your kids every day — whether it’s just before bedtime or under a shady tree on a lazy afternoon. And don’t forget to take a book to the beach! Just brush the sand off the pages — it’s no sweat!

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I Is For Ice Cream

And who doesn’t like ice cream??

Van Dyk’s (145 Ackerman Ave, Ridgewood, 201-444-1429) for that classic ice cream parlor feel-and selection. Bischoff’s (468 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, 201-836-0333) is another Bergen County favorite.

Corner Confectionary (248 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, 732-246-7373) has a 1920s ice cream fountain that continues to attract Rutgers students and other local residents.

What better place to enjoy ice cream than at the Shore? Hurricane House Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor (688 East Bay Ave, Barnegat, 609-698-4401) is one ice cream hangout that offers a mind-boggling array of flavors.

Around here, we are partial to Denville Dairy (34A Broadway, Denville, 973-627-4214, has 32 flavors of home made goodness. And their ice cream cakes and pies are yummy as well. Their website offers coupons.

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Kellog Cereal Recall!!

Some of the most popular kids cereals are being voluntarily recalled.

Kellogg Company has announced a recall of about 28 million boxes of Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops and Honey Smacks cereals because of an unusual smell and flavor from the packages’ liners.

The company said about 20 people have complained about feeling ill and  five had become sick with nausea and vomiting.

According to a Kellogg spokesperson, consumers said the cereal smelled or tasted waxy or soapy and some said it tasted stale.

Kellogg is trying to figure out the substance that may be causing the problem and is offering consumers full refunds.

The cereals in question were in stores beginning in March and include the letters “KN” after the use-by date.

If you are concerned about the recall or want a refund, you can contact the Kellogg Consumer Response Center 1-888-801-4163.

Taken from The Kids Doctor

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Stuff Preschoolers Like To Chat About

Ever find yourself stumped for conversation starters when socializing with a preschooler? No worries — it’s easy to engage the nursery-school set in stimulating chat. Just refer to this handy chart ….

So darn accurate! Taken from

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H Is For Hot Air Ballooning

If you’re looking fo something that will life your spirits-and you entire  being-take a hot air balloon ride. Contact Hunterdon Ballooning (111 Locktown-Flemington Road, Flemington; 908-788-5415, for information.

Take the whole family to the Annual Quick Check New Festival of Ballooning. This year’s event is running from July 23-25 at Solberg Airport, 39 Thor Solberg Rd, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-3114, 973-882-5464 or visit to learn more about the schedule, musical acts and more.

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