F Is For Farms

Fosterfields (Kahdena Rd, off Route 24, Morristown, 973-326-7645) is a 200 acre working farm that still operates using equipment and techniques from the turn of the century. Events held throughout the year allow visitors to observe butter churning, cider pressing, historic cooking techniques and sheep shearing, among others.

The Howell Living History Farm (off Route 29, Titusville, 609-737-3299, http://www.howellfarm.org) is a turn of the century farm that brings you back to the days when a horse and buggy was the main means of transport over this area called Pleasant Valley, In season, visitors can do as the farmers did-ride into the corn fields in a horse drawn wagon, pick and shuck corn, then return to the barnyard to shell it, grind it and bake it into cornbread.

Another place that will take you back in time is Longstreet Farm (Holmdel Park, Longstreet Road, Holmdel, 732-946-3758). This 9 acre farm has been restored to reflect life in the 1890s. During a visit, you’ll see what it takes to maintain such a farm as you watch farming folds-in authentic, turn of the century costumes-maintain the grounds, You’ll also get an up close look at the animals.

The New Jersey Museum of Agriculture (College Farm Road and Route 1, New Brunswick, 732-249-2077, http://www.agriculturemuseum.org) offers a more formal approach to agriculture history, Its 30,000 square foot building surrounding the research farm at Rutgers’ Cook College houses changing and permanent displays, everything from historic plows to a life-size replica of a Lenni Lenape Indian wigwam to the largest observation beehive in the northeast.


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