G Is For Greens

The Morristown Green is big, like Morristown itself. once you negotiate the wide streets that surround it, you find yourself in an island o historic calm and greenery. It’s no longer a courthouse square, although in the 18th century it was; the courthouse is no on the hill above the green. it does have historic markers, though, and even though the building around the green evoke 19th and 20th century commerce rather than Morristown’s Revolutionary War past, the Morristown Green retains its charm.

Belvidere, the Warren County seat, does have a courthouse square. The red-brick county courthouse faces Belvidere’s tree-lined green. Three churches on the other sides of the green complete the dignified framing. Like the rest of Belvidere’s historic district, the green’s very simplicity evokes an earlier era.

Newton, the Sussex County seat, bustles more than Belvidere but less than Morristown. The central green, set on a hillside and overlooked by  a Greek Revival courthouse, is surrounded by shops, and it’s not too hard to imagine Model Ts or horse-drawn wagons occupying the spaces along the curbs.


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