4 Facebook Rules To Have In Place For Teens/Tweens

Taken from Good Housekeeping magazine, written by Marnie Soman

  • Forget full names. Instead of using his real name, your child can use a nickname or a first-middle combo to maintain privacy–a good idea in case he slips up and doesn’t want college admissions officers or future employers seeing those online blunders
  • Choose tricky passwords. Suggest using a long password (10-plus characters) and changing it every three to six months. Use this trick: combine the first letters of words in a sentence (“I was born in Iowa in 1995” becomes IwbiIi1995)
  • Restrict access. The privacy setting “friends of friends” invites possibly hundreds of thousands of people to see kids’ information and photos. Choosing “only friends” will limit viewing to people they’ve confirmed as pals
  • Stick to the past. Discourage kids from broadcasting plans, which gives potential stalkers info on their whereabouts

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One response to “4 Facebook Rules To Have In Place For Teens/Tweens

  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I am a parent of teen who is on FB, and I am cocerned about her safety online. In today’s society you never can be too safe. The tips provided are simple yet very beneficial. I think its also could benefit parents too.

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