Tasty Thursday: Popsicles For Breakfast

Taken from How Does She?

Finally, the ingredients.  Spot the secret?

A closer look at the powerhouse.


I don’t have a specific recipe for you because I never make the same smoothie twice.  You can get an idea about how much to use of each ingredient by looking at the picture with all the ingredients layered in the blender.   Also, if you google GREEN SMOOTHIE – you will get a ton of recipes and ideas.

This one I photographed is one of my favorite combinations and it had:

blueberries (unlike other berries, blueberries grind up nice and smooth)

frozen peaches (I usually use frozen bananas – you probably know this trick also, but when bananas start to go bad, just put them in the freezer.  When you need a banana (for a smoothie, muffins or bread)  just run them under hot water for a bit until the skin loosens and then peel it right off.)

coconut milk

plain yogurt

vanilla and almond extract

spinach (of course)

a little agave nectar or honey

Blend and ENJOY!

Pour your concoction into your mold.


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