6 Thrill Seeking Adventures For NJ Kids

From mommypoppins.com

For some kids the dark is not dark enough, the waters are never too deep, and a trip to the zoo is bah-hum.  Well, we’ve rounded up some kid-friendly activities that will make even the most jaded kid on the block open their eyes wide with excitement!  Are you brave enough to swim with real sharks?  Do you have the spunk to feed penguins or communicate with seals?  Are you adventurous enough to ride a monster truck?  Do you dare brave the heights and go parasailing?  Perhaps you have always dreamed of being a sailor and sleeping aboard a battleship or being a submarine captain for a day.  This is your chance to do some daring, different activities with your thrill seeking child. Read on, we have a great list of adventures to choose from.

1. Swim with sharks
Have you got the guts to swim with live sharks?  At Adventure Aquarium in Camden, kids ages 12 and up can not only learn about these fascinating animals, but get a chance to go snorkeling just inches away from sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, nurse sharks and barracuda.  Kids will also get a chance to swim in the Stingray Lagoon.  The program lasts 1 hour 45 minutes, 45 minutes of which is in the tanks.  It includes admission to the Aquarium, an adventure t-shirt, souvenir snorkel and mask, and photo of your child in action.  $165 per person.  Check website for more details.

2. Play with penguins and/or seals
If you have ever wanted to get up close, feed, or train wild animals like seals or penguins, now is your chance!  Adeventure Aquarium offers special programs for kids where they feed, communicate, and get personal with the animals.  Everyone gets a adventure t-shirt and photo of themselves with their animal friends.  Seals are for kids 8 and up, $145 per person.  Penguins age 5 and up, $125 per person. Check website for more details.

3. Ride a Monster Truck
Take a thrilling ride on a monster truck!  New Jersey Thunder Motorsports at Wildwood offers daily Monster Truck rides at just $8 per person.  From 4pm to 11pm, buckle up with up to 8 other family members or friends for the ride of a lifetime on either the Jersey Devil of the Sheriff.

4. Go Parasailing

Have a child who dreams of flying?  This is as close as you will get!  Kids ages 3 and up can go parasailing in tandem with an older sibling, friend, or adult at LBI Parasailing at Barnegat Light, NJ.  They offer parasailing daily starting at 8am for $65 per person.  A tandem ride lasts 10-12 minutes.

5. Spend the Night on a Battleship

Hello Sailor!  Aboard the Battleship New Jersey in Camden, find out what it was like to live like an enlisted sailor aboard this historic battleship.  Tour the ship, stow your gear in a locker just like a real sailor, sleep in bunks, chow down in the Crew’s Mess, and get on your sea legs!  Kids must be 6 and over and overnights are for families or groups.  Cost is approximately $61 per person.  Overnights appear on the website sporadically, or fill out an inquiry form.

6. Be a Submarine Captain for a Day
Give your friends the permission to board… a real submarine!  The USS Ling is a real WWII submarine docked in Hackensack and they offer the chance for a birthday boy or girl to be captain for a day.  Kids get a Captain’s hat, certificate of honorary Captain, a submarine souvenir for the “captain” and each guest, birthday cake and drinks, and a guided tour of the submarine.  $175 for 8 guests.  Call 201-342-3268 to reserve.


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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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