25 More iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for Kids

Bubble Popper, Free, Ages 2 and Up

Every kid we know loves popping bubble wrap, and just about every mom we know has reservations about the potential choking hazards. Voila: a safe electronic version. You’ll still get the popping sound, and even get scored on how many bubbles you break. (Bubble Popper)

Scoops, Free, Ages 3 and Up

Is there anything better than ice cream? How about ice cream that doesn’t leave a sticky mess?  This game of towering ice cream scoops lets you tilt your screen left or right to keep the ice cream from falling. Avoid the veggies and stack similar colors together for bonus points. (Scoops)

Doodle Buddy, Free, Ages 3 and Up

One of many artsy iPhone apps, this one lets the tots draw in all kinds of colors, lines, shapes and backgrounds. You can draw by yourself or invite others, and use your camera to take your own mugshots — perfect for drawing mustaches on your brother.(Doodle Buddy)

Giraffe’s Matching Zoo, Free, Ages 3 and Up

Matching games are like brain food for kids: a healthy way to strengthen those memory muscles. Now your kids can match a bunch of cuddle-worthy animals without having to arrange (or clean up) dozens of cards. (Giraffe’s Matching Zoo)

iBowl, Free, Ages 4 and Up

It’s REALLY hard to throw a gutter ball in this game, so as one of our staffers said, “This is so much better than the real bowling alley.” The free version lets you pick from three different lanes and simulates that satisfying crashing sound when the pins are knocked over. (iBowl)

To see the rest of the 25 apps, click HERE.



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2 responses to “25 More iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for Kids

  1. Andrew Patrick

    I found a really fun way to improve the memory of my son, and was so easy to get, i just take mi iPhone and buy this apps:
    It’s name is Memoflip Kids, mi son pass a lot of time learning and having fun at the same time. It’s excellent for my too, it`s safe and i can carry anywhere, when we wait in the doctor, or the dentist, going to school, everywhere, it’s so useful!!.

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