Chores: At What Age and What Jobs?

I see a lot of those chore charts/job boards out there and I’ve also be seeing on the web a lot of the print your own versions (I guess back to school breeds the need to be organized!). Anyway, it got me to thinking…what age can a child start handling some chores?This article should help you, if you’re asking yourself the same question.

Taken from (this is only a portion of the article…there was more in the beginning and after the copy below…I encourage you to check it out)

Reasonable Expectations by Developmental Stage
Here’s how to grow these expectations with your child.

Between 24 and 36 months of age, your child develops the ability to handle many behavioral responsibilities. Use a timer to motivate your child to clean up specific toys and put them back in their proper place before the buzzer goes off. Make chore completion fun and be sure to help out, modeling the good behavior yourself. Be careful at the grocery store that you don’t cave in and buy a toy that your little one puts into the cart — that’s an easy habit to start and a difficult one to get rid of!

Between 3 and 4 years of age children are able to perform daily chores such as putting dirty clothes in a hamper (you may want to play beat-the-buzzer or dunk-the-basketball to get them moving on this) and helping you to make their beds. Threes can fill pet bowls, pull up their own elastic-waist pants and skirts, and brush their teeth with your guidance. Praise your child for a good effort — little ones thrive on positive attention, and they don’t need constant treats to motivate a good performance.

Fours continue to be able to complete chore responsibilities such as putting their dirty dishes on the counter or clothes in the hamper, giving the dog water or food, washing themselves in the bath with your supervision, brushing their teeth with your guidance, and picking out their clothes for the next day. Remember to thank them for their help and note that because the child was quick to get ready in the morning, there’s now time to play a word game before leaving for preschool.

Please read the entire article by clicking HERE.  Especially this part:

Living the Law
How do you set the scene for building a good work ethic? Consider the following suggestions.


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