Cutest Most Creative Blog

Every now and then I stumble across things that are too cute. This is one of them. The cuteness is only slightly overshadowed by the creativeness of this mom. Why can’t I ever think of things like this. (I thought I was creative when I took a picture every month of my daughter holding a sign saying “X Months Old”!)

Today’s post, while not informative or educational, is joyful. Enjoy!

Taken from Mila’s Daydreams. Click to see all her fun poses/”artwork”

Copyright © Adele Enersen

One Thousand and One Daydreams

Copyright © Adele Enersen

Walking The Dog

Copyright © Adele Enersen

Floating in the sky

Copyright © Adele Enersen

The Nightmare Within The Daydream

Copyright © Adele Enersen

My tribute to Tove Jansson and The Moomins.

Mila Had a Little Lamb

Copyright © Adele Enersen

The Laundry Day

Copyright © Adele Enersen

The Baby Promenade

My tribute to Marc Chagall, one of my favorite artists.
Copyright © Adele Enersen

Autumn leaves of gingerbread tree

Copyright © Adele Enersen.

My Precious Pearl

Copyright © Adele Enersen.

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