Please Be Patient

I returned on Saturday from vacation and the Bloggy Boot Camp the week before. (I won’t even get into what a bang vacation started off with…the cleaning people robbed us!!)  I have some good ideas that I’d like to implement. However, life is just getting in the way right now. I have 2 weeks to go through 3 years of my daughters clothes/toys/other items to bag and price for an upcoming Mother’s Market. It is time-consuming to say the least. (But so worth it in the end, last year I made over $400 in profit).

Then, in less than a month is my daughter’s 3rd birthday party extravaganza. This will be the best looking party I’ve ever thrown, and the most work for a party I’ve ever done. Damn you TomKat Studio and other sites for inspiring me to go above and beyond!!! For showing me how pretty and creative parties can be. (And kind of pushing aside how much work it is to prep for all this). But don’t worry, pictures will go up of the fabulous pumpkin painting birthday party. Invites went out in the mail today.

In between all of this, I’m still trying to be a good wife, mommy, doggy/kitty mommy, friend, community volunteer and everything else that goes along with life. So, please be patient with me. We’re not finished here on Momsense by any means!

Enjoy your Fall. The first day of Fall is on Thursday (can you really believe?)



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2 responses to “Please Be Patient

  1. Sharon

    Hi! I was searching on Google for “mothers market new jersey” and your post showed up in the results! You mentioned you were getting ready for “an upcoming Mother’s Market”; would you mind sharing what/where the Mother’s Market is? Thanks so much! (I ended up reading some of your insightful posts, as well!)

    • The mother’s market is in Denville, NJ at the Indian Lakes Clubhouse on Saturday, Oct 2 from 9-1. If you’d like to sell some stuff, I believe tables are still available. Contact Beth: Beth Tecchio If you just want to shop, I recommend getting there early! They have great stuff, all ages and all genders. If you go, I hope you’ll say “hi”. I will probably have my red/auburn hair in a ponytail and hope to get my table in the corner by the stage again.

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