Play With Your Food…Virtually

Reading my September issue of Bon Appetit, I stumbled onto a little sidebar article about this website that let’s kids design dinner (so to speak).

The website, ZisBoomBah, teaches kids how to make nutritious selections when it comes to food. They plan what they want to eat and learn and the site tabulates the meal’s protein, carbs, fat, fiber, sugar, saturated fat and sodium. Pick a good meal and get rewarded with stars. Pick a not so good meal, and you get to re-do your selections to add more stars. Not only do they learn what is actually in the food they are eating, but how a simple change (say from a white bread hamburger bun to a whole grain hamburger bun) can make a big difference.

There are even yummy sounding recipes. Fun to let the kids plan an actual mean and try together as a family.

Go. Sign up today and have a little fun with your food!



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