Free Download: Halloween Paper Dolls

Super cute free download just in time for Halloween from Gwenny Penny. Print out on cardstock at home, cut out and let the kids dress them up in various Halloween costumes. Maybe print 2 sets, in case one gets played with to death!

There are two dolls: one boy and one girl.

There are six costumes: a boy superhero, a girl superhero, a pirate, a fairy, Frankenstein, and a princess.

Aren’t they cute? You could also use these paper dolls for scrapbooking!

Click HERE to download the Halloween Paper Dolls PDF.

Instructions: Print on white cardstock at 100% (no scaling). Carefully cut out each paper doll, base, and costume. Cut slits in bases on solid black lines. Fold stand bases on dotted line. Match up slits in doll bases and stand bases to assemble. Fold back all costume tabs to dress dolls.

All printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

After I finished the designs and printed them, I was faced with the task of cutting them out. Even though I specifically designed these dolls and costumes to be scissor friendly, I was dreading it. I timed myself, and it only took a little over 20 minutes! I was expecting at least an hour, so I was very happy. Also, I wanted to give you a tip…my cardstock was a little flimsy, so I added a craft stick to the back of each doll to stiffen them up a bit.




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