Momsense Challenge: Day 1

Today, I was reflecting back on the first day of my No yelling challenge. I thought I did pretty good. I mean, I’m very aware of the no yelling thing and really worked not to raise my voice, or even use a “tone” of voice that wasn’t pleasant. Overall, I would have given myself 4 stars.

However, today, in my not yelling challenge, I realized while I wasn’t yelling technically, I was still raising my voice higher than a conversational pitch. Did I do that yesterday and just wasn’t aware of it? Was it because I wasn’t horror flick yelling or screaming that I considered day 1 a success? Hmmmm…this morning got me really thinking. What am I going to define “no yelling” as?

In some ways, I have to say that not going into Wicked Witch mode when tension got high was a big success for me. But, yesterday was a pretty good day. So I probably wouldn’t have yelled anyway. I mean, I don’t yell EVERY day. My gosh, I’m not a monster or the Meanest Mom on Earth!!! On Monday and Tuesday my daughter goes to preschool, she she’s out of my hair for 2.5 hours in the morning. Pretty easy not to yell!

If I raise my voice, for right now, I’m going to count that as not yelling and consider it a success. I’m looking at this challenge as a learning process. Baby steps. No full-out yelling for the first week. Then I’d like to keep working on my progress and get it down to raising my voice less and less. I also worry that once my self-imposed challenge is over, I’ll revert back to my usual ways. I feel like right now I’m hypersensitive about the yelling. Will I be so vigilant in a month from now? 6 months from now? Hence, the never-ending process of learning and taking this as baby steps.

So, in the end, yes, I consider Monday a success. Today has gone pretty smoothly as well. I’m hoping it stays that way. I want to be the mom I strive to be!

Good luck to everyone else. Peace and love.


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