No Yelling Challenge: Day 2,3 and 4

They don’t call things a challenge for nothing! If it was easy, I guess it would be the No Yelling Simple or something. It is a challenge, but I like to think I’m up for the challenge.

I think day 2 went pretty smoothly. Have I raised my voice? I’m sure. Did I yell, I honestly don’t think so. Kudos to me!

Day 3, well…that’s a different story. I mostly blame the ballroom for this days failure. We meet from 10:30-12 at the ballroom in the lake’s clubhouse on Wednesday’s with other moms/caregivers and their little ones. It is a big, wide open space. They host weddings in it. So, yelling is about the only way to be heard. Or to get your toddler to understand your complete and utter frustration of being asked “is it time yet?” for the 100,000 time. (For the record, we were celebrating her birthday and I made cupcakes.) I understand cupcakes have some otherworldly power over toddlers. They must call to them. They cannot be resisted. The case they travelled in MUST be touched about half of the 100,000 times the questions “is it time yet?” is asked. Oh, and there were juice boxes. So, really…I should be given a “by” for this day, right? Because I yelled. Seriously. How many times must I say “no, it’s not time yet. I will let you know when it is. STOP TOUCHING THE CUPCAKES.” Sigh.

Today, we started off strong and I hope to finish strong. Thus, negating the middle portion of today! We went to a paint your own pottery place. Or, as it is known in these part, hell for parents. The hands reaching out and the need to touch the highly breakable ceramic items. The need to touch paint bottles. The hissy fits when mom tries to help you make something that doesn’t turn gray from placing every color paint on it. And then of course, there is the lovely window display. Right out in the open in front of our table. BEGGING little hands to touch the items on it. Seriously? Not a smart business move. Maybe they don’t care about the possible damage. I don’t know. But I do know I got tired of saying “do not touch” and snapped a little. I didn’t make a scene and I don’t think other mom’s turned and looked at me with horror. So maybe it was low-level yelling? I don’t know. But like I said, I hope to make up for it by turning the rest of the day into a success.

I admit, I like this challenge. I like that it has made me aware. It takes how many weeks for something to become a habit (3 I think). I’ll let you know in 2 more weeks how it goes.

Hope you are finding your own success!


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