No Longer A Toddler?

Ever since my daughter was born, she’s fit nicely into basic age descriptions. Newborn. Infant. Twoddler. Toddler.

But, now that she’s turned 3, I have a feeling she is no longer a toddler. Our of curiosity, I tried to do some research on-line to see if there is a formal description/age range chart. I started on what I consider “parenting resources” and No matter what I typed in, I couldn’t get the answer I was looking for. Finally, an online search brought me this, which I agree with and will now share.

Infancy- birth to 1 year
Toddler- 1 to 3 years
Pre-school- 3 to 5 years
Middle childhood- 5 to puberty
Adolescence- puberty to 18

Seems my suspicions were right. My 3 year old is no longer a toddler. But unofficially a preschooler. Well, at least she’s not in adolescence!

So, if you’ve been wondering what stage of life your child is walking through, I hope this helps.


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