As A Mom, What Are You Thankful For?

I was 37 1/2 years old when my daughter made her entrance into the world. For me, it was a day I had been hoping for, praying for and shedding many tears for in the past 15 years. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. Finding the guy I wanted to parent with, was another (difficult) story. But that day finally came and the angels released her from heaven into my arms.

I wish I could say it’s all been rainbows and hearts since that day. But you know better than that! While it is sometimes easier to remember the things that annoy us, challenge us, grate us (today has been one of those days!), in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to remember the things about being a mom that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:

1. Hugs. Every time I sit on the floor to pull my daughters pants up, I get a hug. It’s just something we started. She puts each leg in the pants hole and then hugs me and I yank them up. I’m guaranteed a hug every single day!

2. Excessive Talking. My little girl is a first class chatterbox. I am especially thankful for this after seeing a family out with their older handicapped daughter. She could not talk, eat on her own, etc. She just made grunting or screaming noises. It made me thankful that my daughter is healthy and learning words and sharing them with me every day.

3. Messy Playroom. I am thankful for that messy play room I clean up. It means that we have an income in which to buy toys, books, DVDs, dolls, dress up clothes, etc. A room in a house in which to store them. We are not homeless. We are able to provide for our daughter, and sometimes to be frivolous as well.

4. Naps. Let’s face it, we’re all thankful for naps! For that little bit of quiet time to get done what we want to get done. To take a nap if it’s been that kind of day. I love naptime!

5. The Past. And The Future. Taking time to look back at how my daughter has grown and changed is just amazing. Looking back at the pictures of her so tiny, so new. It pulls on the heart-strings. But looking forward is fun and exciting as well. Trying to look at her and picture what she’ll look like at 17. Watching her get smarter each day. Watching her put things together and making connections and getting excited about them. I am thankful for her progress.

6. Books. I love reading children’s books. Especially the ones that were mine as kid. Boy, does that take me back. I love reading those stories with her curled up on the couch under a blanket. Not only do we get that yummy cuddle time in, but we get to let our imaginations soar and bond in the stories. I hope one day she can read them to her kids. I am thankful my mom packed these books away in her attic oh so many years ago.

7. A Dog and A Cat. I love animals. I’ve always had them in my life growing up. I know the special bond and love they provide. I know how they can seem like your only friend in the world on those dark days. How they lick your tears. How excited they are to see you come homes (sometimes they are the only ones!). I am thankful that our cat and our dog are teaching my daughter how to be kind, be gentle, think of others. To be responsible. And that one day, she and our dog or cat are going to be best buddies and tell each other secrets.

As a mom, what are you thankful for? We’d love to hear your responses. Please add to our list. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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