7 Things Kids Can Learn By Age 5 About Life And Business

Interesting article posted on Raising CEO Kids.

If your children are anything like mine were from 0 to 5 years old, you are always running to keep up! Kids are active and they love to play. As a parent we can encourage them to learn while they are playing and as a part of everyday life activities. We can give them opportunities and resources that will lay the foundation for skills that will serve them for life.  Things like language, mathematics, arts, science and technology can all be incorporated into their playtime. They can also learn some business basics at very young ages through their playtime and through role modeling.

By the time children are five, most can:

1. Count to 10 or more. One of the ways you can do this is by taking them shopping. You can have them keep track of how many items are in the cart or basket. This experience will expose them to commerce and shopping as well. You can even let them hand the money to the cashier. When taking your kids shopping I recommend using CASH so they see currency being used.

2. Sort things based on specific features. I often had my kids sort things in my business; the products I sell, the marketing literature, business cards from networking events, and more.  Not only did this give them good practice sorting, but it also helped them feel involved in business and it gave them confidence.  What kinds of things could your kids sort?

3. Choose from limited options. Before we purchase items in our house we often compare to be sure we are getting the best price. I typically have my kids go through the weekly grocery ads with me and make choices based on the best price and quality and then help make a menu for the week based on the options that were on our shopping list.  Once again, this helps them feel involved.  It also helps them begin to understand budgeting as well as how to make choices.

4. Understand that work brings rewards.
As soon as our kids were old enough to walk they began to help with things in the family.  Some things we expected them to do because they were part of the family, such as picking up their own messes (with some help from Mom or Dad of course).  Other things however, they were able to do for “pay”.  At 2 years old all of my children were helping unload the dishwasher and yes some dishes did get broken and no they couldn’t even reach some of the cabinets.  The point was that this was a “pay” job and if they wanted an item at the store, it was something they could do partially on their own at a young age and get a reward for it. There are so many other things that your children can do around the home to “help” that you could pay them for.  I highly recommend that you do NOT pay them for everything.  Be sure there are some things they do just because they are part of the family.  This will decrease the sense of entitlement that some kids have learned where they think everything should just be given to them.

5. Do well as a team player. This is a bit hard as children of this generation are growing up in a digital world and they may not want to be team players.  They may want to do things on their own.  For family unity and for success of their future, I would encourage family outings, family nights, play dates, and doing service together.

To read the entire article, click HERE.


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