Flu Proof Guide To Daycare

Ironically that this email came from MH Dad (Mens Health Dad), since we’re both home sick. Not with the flu, thankfully! (we all got the shots), but with a sinus infection/cold type of thing. But I thought being that it is cold and flu season, and a lot of you have kids in day care, you’re worried about trying to keep everyone healthy.

All parents want their child to learn how to share. Unfortunately, children in daycare often end up sharing everything, including a veritable sippy cup full of bacteria and viruses. “Daycare centers are cesspools of germs,” says Harley A. Rotbart, M. D., a professor of pediatrics and microbiology at the University of Colorado and the author of Germ Proof Your Kids. “They combine the worst of the respiratory infections that school-age children contract with gastrointestinal infections spread by younger kids, especially those not potty trained.”

It gets scarier. Some daycare bugs are even more hazardous to adults than they are to children, Rotbart explains. “Kids transmit hepatitis A very efficiently from child to child in daycare centers. The infected child may come home without any symptoms, but parents can be laid up for four to six weeks.”

To read the entire article, and see the Top Ten list of Most Contaminated Places in a Daycare, click HERE.


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