Healthy Eating For Kids: Balanced Diet

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Nowadays with both the spouses working home cooked meals are very hard to prepare,being adults you can watch your dieteat healthy and see to it that they get enough nutrition in them.

But families with kids face the wrath of wrong diet and due to the busy schedule of their parents their staple diet mainly consists of pizza, hot dogs, burgers and many other readily available, ready-to-eat food that has almost no nutritional value and cause health problems as they grow up.

Children’s diet needs to be healthy, tasty and mainly has to appeal all their senses, because as the rule goes what tastes nice needn’t be healthy for you and vice versa.

Children eventually will get addicted to the junk food and suffer from obesity. Your child’s food should be loaded with ample amount of fiber, calcium and iron and should be low in fat and calories. Here are few dietary musts that should be included in your child’s diet.

• Milk

As your child grows up milk is replaced with sodas, juices and other drinks which have 0% of calcium in it. You have to see to it that your child consumes at least two glasses of milk a day, unless he or she is lactose intolerant.Our body requires milk for calcium, protein and Vitamin D. Low fat milk is healthier and preferred.

• Vegetables

Cook them well or serve them raw, vegetables is a must have in every child’s diet. Do not force your child to eat them, instead cook them to suit your child’s tastes and preferences. Potatoes, carrots, beans, corn etc are the favourites of most children and baking them or cooking them well will help your child consume them without too much fuss. Introduce vegetables in your child’s diet, in form of main dishes or salads from a young age itself so that he gets accustomed to the taste.

• Eggs

Eggs have good amount of proteins that is essential in providing the body with essential amino acids, along with various minerals and vitamins A,D and E. Cook the egg well – scrambled, sunny side up, omelette etc. Egg  also contains choline, that is good for the development of their brains.

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