Study Shows Kids Want Fruit, Yogurt, Potato Chips As Snacks

A new study shows that in 2009 yogurt was the top snack for kids. I say “good”. While you have to pay attention to yogurt for the sugar, it is a far healthier snack than most of the choices out there. I like to think this study shows that we’re making progress with our kids and they are chosing healthy snacks …and of course, the occasional potato chip as well.

Taken from Spare Change

Kids Want Fruit, Yogurt, Potato Chips for Snacks

Retailers who believe they’ll attract snacking dollars — or elicit kids’ whining pleas to parents — with a traditional mix of candy bars and packaged cookies need to take a fresh approach, literally.

According to research by the NPD Group, kids aged two to 17 ate more refrigerated yogurt as a snack-oriented food in 2009 than they did in 2008 and fresh fruit remained the top snack food consumed by kids. Long-time favorite potato chips, plus hard candy, fresh fruit, and string cheese and prepackaged cheese cubes or shapes also experienced growth in 2009 versus 2008 as snack foods eaten between, with or instead of meals.

NPD’s SnackTrack, which continually monitors the consumption of snack foods both in-home and away, reports among the top growing snacks in 2009 over the previous year were ice/fudge or cream pops, chewy candy, corn chips, donuts and snack pies and pastries.

I don’t foresee the day when kids stop asking their parent for something from the in-their-face candy displays or turn up their little noses at a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. But as more attention is given to childhood obesity — shout out to our First Lady — expect to see sales of “fresh” to continue to grow. While there are c-stores that stock single-serve hummus and pretzels or cheese cubes or drinkable yogurt, that’s certainly not the norm yet. As a mom of two, I wish it was. Heck, I’d settle for baked chips or single-serve juice boxes. — Barb Grondin Francella

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