Want To Win Mom Of The Year?

Being a mom isn’t easy (and neither is being a dad, or even a grandparent raising a child). We put so much pressure on ourselves to “get it right” when realistically, do we even know what “right” is or is it something we’ve made up in our minds? Throw in a side of guilt and it’s no surprise most of us feel like we wouldn’t win Mother of the Year. Or even be allowed to enter the contest.

Ezine Articles has a good one on how to Win the Best Parenting Award. Hopefully after reading this, we’ll all apply!

4 Tips on Winning the Best Parent Award – Subliminal Messages Can Help

As a parent, how would you rate yourself? Parenting may yet be the greatest challenge in any person’s life. Even parents who’ve had children before don’t always know what to do. Being a good parent isn’t about memorizing rules on what to do in certain situations. There is no one common and perennially effective solution to the problems parents face.

Here’s the real deal on what it takes to become the best parent you can possibly be.

1. Set the right expectations. The first thing to do is to set the right expectations from yourself. Don’t expect yourself to be the perfect parent because there is simply no such thing. It is alright for parents to make mistakes. Being a parent is a process that requires constant learning and sometimes, re-learning. What you used to know and what used to work may not always work, especially when you’re dealing with different kids.

2. Eliminate the fear. Parenting can be a challenge but you should never face it with fear. Fear can make you do funny things. If you fear being a parent, then you won’t have the right mindset, which means you are more likely to make mistakes or make rash decisions. Don’t pressure yourself to always make the right decisions and to try to play by the book at all times so you won’t make mistakes. There is no such thing as playing by the book in being a parent since you are dealing with the very unique personality of your child.

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