Dreaming Of Summer…

These cold windy days we’re having here in NJ have gotten to me. Even my daughter says “I don’t like this cold!” I agree honey, I agree!

So, I daydreamed of beaches and pools and sweating in the sun (I’m sure come August and the 100 degree days I’ll be bitching about how hot it is, but let’s not ruin the fantasy, shall we?). Then I saw these adorable girls swimsuits online. Which one, or three, to get my beach bunny?

The Chasing Fireflies catalog tutu swimsuit. Every ballerina wannabe needs one of these.

Bright, fun Gap Kids bathing suite. Perfect for not losing them in a crowd at the beach or pool.

This Janie & Jack poppy suit is so different from the rest. That’s what I love about it.

Again, bright fun and colorful. Makes me think of the tropics and drinks with little tiny umbrellas. Thanks Juicy Couture!

This MiniBoden suit makes me think of fireworks and Fourth of July.

Fun and flirty, a different take on the tutu suit from Kate Mack at Nordstrom. Any little girls girly bathing suit.

Old Navy takes me to Hawaii with this suit. Surfs up!

One of my favorites. I love the playful vibe of Marc Jaobs Little Miss Scuba. Saw it online at Saks.

If you have a little man in your house, sorry! My radar was for adorable girl suits. I think these fit the bill. Now if the sun would JUST come out!


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