{Fab Friday Giveaway!} WIN A Gorgeous Tutu & Headpiece From S. Makayle

Happy Friday everyone! To kick off another wonderful weekend, we have another wonderful giveaway for you! The lovely and talented S. Makayle Tutus and Accessories is going to create a custom tutu and matching headpiece for one very, very lucky little girl! These tutu’s are as adorable as her little girl!

C’mon! You know your little girl (or niece, granddaughter, godchild, cousin, etc.) would ROCK this look!

The winner will receive a custom-made tutu in a color selection of their choice.  Her tutu’s are made with layers and layers of soft tulle. Skirt sizing is not limited. Also generously included is a coordinating headpiece. Winner can choose from either a stacked boutique bow, her signature tulle swirl, or one ribbon flower as shown in the photos. They can be attached to a headband or a small lined alligator clip.

I know, I know…you can’t wait to enter! Here’s how:

  1. Visit S. Makayle on Etsy and tell us which item you’d love to have!
  2. Add her store to your Etsy Favorites (click the heart Add To Favorites button) and tell use that you did.
  3. S. Makayle is on Facebook! Become a fan here and give her lots of Momsense love!
  4. Add yourself as a follower to her new blog The Canny Crafter and let us know you did.
  5. Do you receive our (Momsense) emails? If so, let us know. If not, subscribe today.
  6. Are you a Momsense fan on Facebook? If so, let us know. If not, become a fan.
  7. Spread the word about this giveaway! Share it on Facebook, Twitter or your blog, and let us know by leaving a link in your comment.
That’s seven ways to win. How fantastic! Remember to leave one separate comment for each entry (up to seven individual comments in total). If you are leaving a comment as anonymous, please leave us your email information (you can do, for example as: name at momsense dot com to avoid spammers) so we can get in touch with you!
Winner will be chosen on Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 9:00pm (EST). Any entries received after this time will not be considered. Open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen using random.org.


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51 responses to “{Fab Friday Giveaway!} WIN A Gorgeous Tutu & Headpiece From S. Makayle

  1. I do get e-mails.

  2. I love the ribbon flower alligator clips barrettes!


  3. I hearted the shop as mommydoes.

  4. jrztami

    I would love the set of 3 Orange and Ivory Flower Clips for Hannah!

  5. jrztami

    Just wrote on the Makayle FB page!!! Gave her lots of love as per your request 🙂

  6. jrztami

    OK..she’s an Etsy fave! Do I have to do a separate post for each one???

  7. LOVE the pink and leopard hair clip. Thanks!

  8. jrztami

    I shared on FB and I am already a Momsense NJ fan on FB and receive the Momsense emails. I tried to subscribe to the Canny Crafter blog but couldn’t figure out how…so that makes me 6 our of 7! My new record 🙂

  9. Cute stuff! I’m going to go enter right now! Found you via the weekend blog hop and am now a follower!

    Leetah East

  10. LOVE THIS– Glad I found you through the blog hop!!! Hoping you stop by and follow me back –

  11. Kelly D

    I loved the Be Mine Valentine TODDLER Tu Tu dress

  12. Kelly D

    I hearted S. Makayle on ETsy!

  13. Kelly D

    I liked S. Makayle on FB and sent some love!

  14. Kelly D

    I am a GFC follower of the Canny Crafter! Kelly D.

  15. Kelly D

    I liked you on FB! Kelly D.

  16. Amy

    I would love to get the Tu Tu Poof Head Band
    Thank you for the chance

  17. Jeanice J

    The neopolitan triple layer tutu is adorable!

  18. Kelly D

    I would love to have the Neopolitan Triple Layered Tu Tu Skirt for my daughter.

  19. Kelly D

    I added her store to my Etsy Favorites (Kellyr78)

  20. Kelly D

    I liked S Makayle on FB (kelly D) and thanked her for this giveaway


  21. Kelly D

    I am a GFC Follower(kellyr78) of the Canny Crafter.

  22. Kelly D

    I subscribe to you by email under KellywcuATyahooDOTcom

  23. Kelly D

    I like Momsense on FB (kelly delrosso)

  24. Kelly D

    Tweeted giveaway


  25. Renee Hunt

    I would love the neopolitan-triple-layered-tu-tu-skirt.

  26. Renee Hunt

    I added her store to my etsy favorites. Thanks for turning me onto her stuff.

  27. Renee Hunt

    I became a fan on facebook and gave momsense some love!

  28. Renee Hunt

    I added myself to her blog the candy crafter. What a clever name!

  29. Renee Hunt

    I get momsense emails and look forward to them.

  30. Renee Hunt

    I am a fan on facebook for momsense.

  31. Renee Hunt

    I shared about your blog and giveaway on facebook. Wasn’t sure how to show you, but you can check.

  32. All of her items are gorgeous! The birthday princess tutu is one of my favs!


  33. I added her Etsy shop as a favorite


  34. I receive Momsense e-mails


  35. abbi

    Tu Tu Skirt- Birthday Princess- Tripe Layered is very pretty and im glad to see they make bigger TuTu’s for the older princess
    kidpack05 at yahoo dt com

  36. abbi

    i heart them
    kidpack05 at yahood t com

  37. Shannon Mathena

    My favorite is the Tu Tu Skirt- Birthday Princess- Tripe Layered. So cute


  38. abbi

    her fb fan
    kidpack05 at yahoo dt com

  39. abbi

    Canny Crafty follower
    kidpack05 at yahoo dt com

  40. abbi

    your fb fan
    kidpack05 at yahoo dt com

  41. Shannon Mathena

    I added the shop to my favorites.


  42. dorothy

    Be Mine Valentine TODDLER Tu Tu dress

  43. Kathleen Watt

    Tu Tu Skirt- Birthday Princess- Tripe Layered is just Tu Tu Fabulous:0)

  44. Kathleen Watt

    SMakayle has been added to my Etsy Favorites:)

  45. Kathleen Watt

    Momsense Love given on her Facebook page!

  46. Kathleen Watt

    Now following her blog through my yahoo.

  47. Kathleen Watt

    Already a Momsense fan on facebook!

  48. Kathleen Watt

    Sorry so late, been distracted by ms. megs bday festivities, but am posting to my wall right now!

  49. Nicole S

    I love the Triple Layered TuTu Skirt!

  50. Amy

    I love the little yellow lion hair clip
    Thank you for the chance!

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