Sensory Tubs/Tables

Do you have a sensory tub in your house for your child to explore? If not, you’re really missing out on a great activity for your child (not to mention some very sought after quiet time for you!). I was on one site which led me to another which led me to Counting Coconuts. She puts out a monthly sensory tub for her 3.5 year old son. She also lists exactly what goes in her tubs each month so you can replicate at home. I highly encourage you to check out her site and ideas! Most of the time she ties in playdough as well.

For a link to all her sensory tubs, click HERE. Here’s a sample of her October/Halloween tub.

Here’s what’s inside:
:: Black beans
:: Yellow lentils
:: Porcupine balls
:: Real mini pumpkin
:: Plastic pumpkin
:: Purple scoop
:: Skeletons
:: Various beads
:: Teeny tiny pom poms
:: Stretchy spiders, a snake and a big bat
:: Googly eyes
:: A few scrapbooking embellishments
:: Feathers

Her February Valentine’s tub, all red, has some great playdough fun ideas. Imagine being able to make “chocolates” out of your playdough!

Besides the sensory tubs, there are LOTS of great activities to do with your child and help build their skills and education. Ideas include smelling bottles, dot stamping, scissor practice, art basket, and more. We encourage you to visit Counting Coconuts!


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