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What To Do With All That Artwork?

If you have a child old enough to go to school, or daycare, then you know all about the overwhelming amount of art projects they do. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a crafty mama, and I love that my daughter is doing so many great and creative things. But what to do with them all? I sadly, have been saving most everythin.g She has a pretty fabric covered box under her bed that stuff goes in for the year. Artwork. Cards. Teacher reports. Etc. Then, at the end of the year,  I buy a cheap artist portfolio at my local craft store and put it all in there. Write the year on the front and tape closed. It goes in a bin in the attic. Not sure what condition it will be in years down the road, but that’s my method.

Marie, from Make and Takes has some other advice to share on what to do with all those projects.

I recently wrote an article over at Momformation about the guilt you might feel about keeping or tossing out your child’s artwork, part of their Guilt-Free Week series. I want to expand on a few more thoughts, sharing what I do to manage the school work, projects, and crafts that my kids produce.

At our house, we showcase their artwork and school work on the fridge. It’s right there where everyone can see, it makes the room colorful, and I love to see what they’ve accomplished. I also think it makes my kids feel proud of something they did and let’s them know I acknowledge their work. So we’ve created a little system on the refrigerator. It’s our “wall o’ work”, as most of the things the kids bring home from school or the crafts we produce at home get put on the fridge.

Out of the kid’s backpacks, I go through each paper and project and pick out the “fridge” worthy items. Everything else, gets put in the recycle bin or trash, no hard feelings, or guilt! The kids are happy as they still get to see things displayed and I’m happy that we’re able to find a home for everything.

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5 Kinds of Playdates to Avoid

Ahh, playdates. The social circle for the youngster set. When they go great, they are great and you leave floating on a cloud. When they’re bad…they are oh. so. bad! Here are some playdates to avoid (and our daughter went to a school that had the witches of preschool!!).

Taken from


Let’s face it. The life of a modern mom would not be complete without the playdate.

While at work, we get a voicemail from Playdate Penny who would love to pencil our child in for an afternoon of organized extracurricular activities and we “accidentally” forget to call her back for days. Then there are the times when the babysitter calls in sick and we’re desperate to find the Post-It where we jotted down Playdate Penny’s phone number.

For some moms, scheduling playdates has become a full-time job. They have it down to a science, organizing and planning everything from the kids to the carpool to the heart-shaped sandwiches they’ll serve as snack. We applaud these women. They do an amazing job and are the queens of playdates. Now, for working mothers, it’s a different story. We already have full-time jobs and are stretched so thin that we usually don’t have the time, energy or sanity required to plan the perfect playdate. Let’s call those two hour chunks of socialized, structured play what they really are — all work, no playdates.

But the truth is, as much as we try to avoid them, the playdate is here to stay. For those of you new to the game, here’s a simple guide to help you survive the pitfalls of playdating, the ones we loathe and the ones we love.

Because if you can’t be with the one you love, playdate with the one you’re with.

Playdates We Loathe

Playdate Desperado: A lonely mother who is new to the neighborhood will stalk you and your child until you agree to come over to play for an afternoon. The truth is, she’s the one desperate for a playdate and is using her child as bait. Out of pity or exhaustion, you finally give in and accept the offer, only to find you have nothing in common with this woman. To add insult to injury, the kids get into a major brawl and before you can grab the doorknob to make your getaway, she’s already asking you for a second date and you desperately search your library of excuses to think of a believable reason as to why you can never return. Incidentally, contagious skin rashes work like a charm.

Playdate Cliques: On the rare occasion you do drop your child off at school, you see them gathering in the parking lot. Sporting trendy workout clothes, hair tied back in a ponytail, light makeup application, the keys to their Lexus SUV in one manicured hand and their pig-tailed child’s hand in the other. Meet the playdate clique or the “witches of preschool” as we like to call them, comprised of women who do everything together, be it coffee, tennis, gym and, of course, playdates. If you happen to take a day off from work and have a run-in with the witches, they’ll be sure to pretend not to know who you are and will intentionally box you out of their conversation. While you overhear them chat about their plans to take their little princesses to an afternoon origami workshop, don’t feel bad that you’re not on the invite list. Smile to yourself because you know that tomorrow, while they’re chasing their kids at Chuck E. Cheese, you’ll be back at work lunching and laughing with one of your favorite clients — who just happens to be a working mom just like you.

Peculiar Playdates: Your kids get along great and your child begs, pleads and moans to have a playdate with their newest friend. Only one problem, you find the parents kind of weird. It’s like visiting the Addams Family. They were always friendly, but something was always just a little off-center. It’s not like they’ve got “Cousin It” or that creepy hand named “Thing” bunking with them, but the mom is sporting that 1970s long-haired Morticia look, and the place seems to have a spooky Halloween feel to it, and its only March. The peculiar playdaters phone constantly and if you still don’t have caller ID, run, don’t walk to the nearest Radio Shack to pick one up or you’re doomed.

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