Is “Mom” A Dirty Word?

There is a great post on the New Yorker online, which takes a look at the word mom. Is it now the new dirty word? We refer to ill-fitting jeans as Mom Jeans. If a mom is wearing them, then what makes it bad? Why can’t they just be bad jeans? Why can’t moms look like…moms?


When did “mom” become a swear word? The other day, I was having a conversation with friends about how President Obama, despite being a very handsome man, is a bit of a nerd. “Did you see him when he threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game?” one of my friends said. “He was wearing mom jeans.” This was just a day after I was talking to a woman who had just had a facelift. She said she had told her plastic surgeon that she wanted to look fabulous and not, as she put it, “like a mom.” Like a what?, I asked her. “Like a mom,” she repeated. “I mean, I am a mom, but I didn’t want to look like, you know, a mom.”

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  1. i havent read the article, but i should – i know no one wants to be called a “mom blogger!”

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