Weekly Wishes

I was tooling around the Internet as I normally do, looking for creative ideas and inspiration. I found many interesting things, one of them being this idea: posting each week what you wish for. I’m not sure I’m going to be diligent enough to keep up a weekly wish list, but I liked the idea and was feeling in a kind of mood/place where a few wishes being fulfilled could almost be life changing.

So, here are my wishes:

  1. To find a way to get paid doing what I truly love: party planning, crafting, blogging. I know there are ways, but I haven’t truly found what I want or I’m not looking hard enough. Could be a combination of both.
  2. To get serious about losing weight. My weight is truly something that keeps me up at night. There is a history of heart attacks in the family, and I worry that I’m going to have one. My greatest fear in life would be not seeing my daughter grow up. It frightens me. Obviously not enough to do something about it the next morning (which frightens me even more…but that’s a subject for another day)
  3. To win the lottery. Seriously. And not $50 either. But a good couple thousand. Hundreds of thousands. I don’t even want to win millions. I don’t want to be that greedy. Enough to pay off the bills and pay off the house and put a little in the bank. That would be nice. Half a mil would do it. Now, if I only played the lottery!
  4. Travel. Again, not being a recent lottery winner kind of precludes me from taking a trip to one of my many dream locations. But a nice day trip. Maybe to somewhere I haven’t been. Strolling around, window shopping and enjoying family time. We’ll see. This isn’t out of reach.
  5. My greatest and biggest wish always is for my daughter to grow up and be the amazing person she is. The enjoy and embrace life. To be a catalyst for change in this world. I don’t know what or where her talents lay (she’s only 3) but I hope they are immense and can bring forth something positive. And, to be happy. With who she is, with how she looks, with her life.  To smile. Nothing looks prettier on a girl than a smile.

If you could wish for 5 things this week/month…what would they be?


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