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Product Review: Butt Bench

I was thrilled when I was asked to review a product by a New Jersey company. I will be the first to admit, when I heard the name I outright chuckled. But once I went to the website and saw what the actual product was, I was excited. Did you ever not know you needed something until you saw it? That’s how I felt!

explicit instructions came with it

After talking with the great folks at Butt Bench my cedar bench arrived about 2 days later. I instantly opened the box and went straight into the bathroom. One thing I noticed immediately was the quality of the product. I was particularly impressed with the way the suction cups were inside a metal bracket. They were not going to come out or separate from the bench in any way.

you don't have to worry about the suction cups

looks great

I placed the bench across the back of my tub and made sure the suction cups were in place and hopped in the tub (the empty tub!) to test it out. My 4-year-old was so excited she hopped in as well to try it too. In fact, she saw me taking pictures and ran to get her kiddie camera and take pictures as well! She was the first person to test drive the Butt Bench. During her tub that night, she used it as a “house” for her tub dolls and a convenient place to place all her tub toys.

she loves the Butt Bench!

The next day I got to try out the Butt Bench for myself. During my shower I pulled and tugged on the bench and it did not come out-of-place at all. Then I sat down and bounced on it and it held firmly in place. This is a high quality product. Then it was time to shave my legs. Truly, the  reason I was so excited about the Butt Bench was for  shaving my legs. As most women know, shaving your legs is like a contortion act in the shower.  The Butt Bench makes it so much easier and much more comfortable task.

I highly recommend the Butt Bench to everyone out there. It’s great for women, seniors and the handicapped as well. Please visit their website ( to learn more about the Butt Bench and all the other great products they sell.


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