Who Wants to Meet Wendy Williams???

Here at Momsense, we love Wendy Williams. She is a Jersey girl after all! And now, you have the chance to possibly go on her show as a guest and meet her. Producers of the Wendy Williams show are looking for area moms who have trouble getting their teen to clean their room (and WHO doesn’t have that problem?!). Specifically:

Has your teenager turned their bedroom into a disaster area? Has it gotten so bad that you won’t step foot in their room anymore? Does their room smell more like a locker room than a bedroom?  Fortunately for you, Wendy Williams is all too familiar with the messy and smelly habits of today’s youth. She’s been on the front lines of this battle while raising her own pre-teen and she wants to help you take back the one room in your house that you can’t seem to keep clean: Your teenager’s bedroom!
They are going to be concluding their casting on 2/21 so anyone interested should really contact the producer as soon as possible, definitely some time this week!!  When contacting Dan include:
-Your name
-Your phone number
-Your email address
-Your childs name and ages
-Your town (you need to live local to New York City)
-Photo of you with your teen
-Mention you were replying to a post on Momsense in NJ and send all toDan Fitzpatrick

dfitzpatrick@wendyshow.com <http://dfitzpatrick@wendyshow.com>

Good Luck! We hope to see you on TV. Tell Wendy Momsense say’s “hiya!”


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