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Do You Bento?

Owl lunch

I love Bento box lunches. I’ve been fascinated with them for quite a while, but haven’t actually done anything more than admire them from afar. I am happy to report, that has all changed lately. I ordered a cute pink Bento box for my daughter and decided to surprise her with an owl themed lunch to coordinated with “owl day” at her school.

There are lots of websites out there which tons of ideas, inspiration and how-to’s. One of my favorites is Meet the Dubiens and Another Lunch. I wish I was as creative as them, but my 4-year-old seems pretty happy when I just copy some of their great lunches.

Mind you, creating Bento’s can be addictive. There is SO MUCH cute stuff out there to bring your lunches to the next level. I have a wide array of sprinkles, food markers, candy eyeballs, silicone cupcakes liners to hold “wet” food items in, cookie cutters in extra-large, large, medium, small and extra small. I haven’t purchased cute food picks yet, but a search online showed me how to make my own so I’m going to get on that soon (Bentoriffic). They do add a fun little flair to the lunches. I am also learning to keep fruit leather in stock. It works well for so many decorative touches in the lunches.


Monster lunch

I hope you begin playing with your food and having fun!











Lady bug cheese on flower pepperoni












Learning to tell time week lunch


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