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Hello everyone…I know I have been a horrible blog writer and it’s probably been almost a year! I have been working for a year and a half as a full-time temp, and that kind of took some time and attention away. But I feel like I’ve been re-inspired.

Anyway, I’ve become a Pinterest addict (Beanz Thingz). I see so many wonderful things on there. It’s crazy the amount of creativity. I’ve been pinning lots of cute kids artwork/art projects/crafts and really wanted to do them with my 5-year-old. Only doing this, or purchasing the materials, for just one kid seemed kind of silly. One day inspiration struck, and I decided I would have art/craft classes in my own home. The only thing slightly crazy about this plan is that we don’t have an eat in kitchen or a basement. So, I had to do this in my dining room (which, sadly, limits the number of kids I can host at one time).

So, I emailed my friends to find out their level of interest and received a nice response. I opened it up to 3 kids (plus my daughter) and charged $5 to help cover the cost of supplies and snack. I announced the date and told them it was first come first serve to get into the class. I had my 3 quickly!

Today, was the class. I was excited for this little adventure and hope to expand it someway.

For this project, I followed the step by step directions  I found on Deep Space Sparkle. Here are my details:




We started off by reading a book that tied into the theme of the art project. Our art project was an owl, so we read “The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark” by Jill Tomlinson.

Then we headed into the dining room, which was set up for them with an 11×17 of heavy stock art paper (heavy was important because at age 5 they tend to be heavy-handed with the paint), tray for paint ($1.99 each at Michael’s), fat paint brush, multiple skinny brushes, and paper towel. For the paint, I picked up (again at Michael’s) washable tempera/poster paint in all the colors they had. I also kept a hair dryer on hand to help the paint dry in between steps. Oh, and wipes.


The first step was asking the kids to close their eyes and see what color the sky is for their owl. We had blue, orange, pink and black. Then they were given white paint to splatter onto the background . I think this was their favorite part!



Next, they took some white paint to lightly paint the face, body, wings and ears. Lightly becacuse they were going to paint their owls final color on top of the white. The white was to help make the next color show up. Then they choose their owl color and painted over the white.


They added large circles for the eyes and small black dots for the pupils. Beaks came next, followed by feet.

Finally, feathers were added and then a branch along the bottom for their owls to sit on. Some opted to make a nest for their owl instead and others added an egg for their Mommy owl to watch over (I love their creativity!!)



After all their hard work was done, they enjoyed a little snack and some juice boxes and then ran off to play! All in all, a successful day. And I was one tired mom!

I’m already on the hunt for my next project to hold class.








Final masterpieces:

























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