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The Dollar Store: Best Arts & Crafts Store on a Budget


dollarThe Dollar Store. A hidden gem of, well, crap. But good crap. Sometimes I just can’t see paying regular store prices for things that aren’t meant to have longevity. Like birthday cards. Who is paying $3-$5 for a card for a 3-year-old? And if you get into grade school, and invited to each child’s party, that’s a lot of cards! They have very cute cards, 2 for $1. More my speed. And if you want to get all fancy, they have an “upscale” section where cards are $1 each. Still a bargain.


We also hit the dollar store for holiday decorations, holiday classroom donations (we always volunteer to bring in the table cloths, napkins and plates), and holiday gifts for classmates. And their glow in the dark wands, masks, bracelets, necklaces, etc. are perfect for Fourth of July, Halloween, New Year’s Eve.


Art supplies are another great item to stock up on. When they are little, they go through crayons (breakage) and colored paper (1 mark per sheet) like crazy. We also get our safety scissors, tape, glue, glitter glue, paper, stickers, and much more there. It’s also a great source for playing school. There is a section of bulletin board items, pens, pencils, post its, certificates, stars and a variety of other things that would make any budding teacher happy.



According to Growing a Jeweled Rose, the dollar store is more of a treasure than even I knew. She can find hundreds of uses (literally) for dollar stores and breaks it down for you section by section. Such creativity! Such great ideas. I will never underestimate my Dollar Tree again.

What things do you rely on your local dollar store for? What have been your best finds?



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Art and Literature

Once again I hosted an art class of sorts at my house. Invited some friends, and 3 little girls came to read and paint. I’m really enjoying hosting these events. I just wish I had a larger space! Anyone want to lend me a basement??

This time, our inspiration was Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton.


Splat apparently has done well and has a series. Splish, Splash, Splat looked like a fun read too.


While Splat wasn’t overly colorful, he was a good subject. He wasn’t round like a typical cat, so we talked about his shape. Then we talked about color…his gray tummy for example and how mixing 2 colors together gives you a unique 3rd color. I did have the girls close their eyes and imagine where their Splat was. Two Splats were frolicking in the grass, one was sitting in the sun and one was digging in the dirt. We also talked about his fur, and ¬†I showed them with a dry brush how they can pull the paint on their Splat out and make “fur”. I’m happy that a few art pointers got in there.


When their Splats were almost finished, they could accessorize their Splats. One has a pencil and cute slippers. Another has a cupcake. Two are wearing red hats and scarves (I think one really looks like a beret!). They did a great job and each Splat was as unique as the person painting it. The girls had a great time and then headed off to play.

The idea for this Splat art project came directly from a fantastic blog Deep Space Sparkle. She shows you how the project went in her class room and also has instructions in a PDF to download for a low, low price if you want to try this at home.

Here are all our finished Splats. I hope you’ll try your own Splats at home!

2013-02-02_11-47-48_555 2013-02-02_11-47-31_140 2013-02-02_11-48-00_749 2013-02-02_11-48-48_112

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