An Early Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there! If you are like me, finding a gift to say “thanks for joining me on this crazy parenting ride” isn’t always so easy.

This is where Dollar Shave Club comes in. Imagine, a great and practical gift coming to your door each month for a buck!! Or if you want to “upgrade” you can do the $6 or $9 month program. You get the free razor (ha!) and 4-5 cartridges a month depending on your plan. Imagine your husband having fresh blades each month. No more knicking and walking around with little blobs of toilet paper stuck to his face. Or even worse, running out of blades. Throw in the shave butter too. He’ll thank you (and, if you are really smart, you can borrow some for smooth soft legs).


I ordered this for my husband and he was thrilled. The first box came really fast (less than a week). (If you’re saying “hey, this is great, but I can’t get it by Sunday” they have an e-gift.) The nice thing is, if you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel. Or if your husband has a light beard, you can slow your shipments down. Super easy company to work with. And their videos aren’t half bad either.

Hope this helps you if you are in a Father’s Day gift bind. If not, keep it in mind for birthday’s, holidays, any day…


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