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Beyond the Fridge


If your house is a typical house, then you have LOTS of artwork that comes home with your budding Picasso’s. After a while, you run out of space to hang it around the house (or maybe you aren’t into hanging it all over your house in the first place). I have plenty of things hanging off my fridge in addition to cotton ball sheep: my calendar…school schedule…coupons… etc. and space is a premium. When new things came in, I tried to throw old things out. Sometimes I got away with it. Mostly I got busted. Nothing screams “mom of the year” more than a tear streaked little girl standing over the trash can boo hoo’ing.

Oddly enough, while doing laundry it hit me. My washing machine and dryer are all metal (and boring looking) and would be the perfect place to hang all that extra artwork. I quickly grabbed a few pieces and some magnets and hung them right up. I have to say, it certainly brightens up my laundry room. Now, if only it could make doing laundry more exciting!


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